HEP-Cosmo Theory Journal Club

Fortnightly on-line seminars on theoretical high energy physics and cosmology organized by the theory division at the physics department of UoI. For any queries please contact iflorakisatuoi.gr

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Upcoming seminar: 3 May 2022,  (at 11am, greek time)

Speaker: Fotis Farakos (University of Padova)

Title: Anti-brane uplift instability and goldstino condensates

Abstract:   We investigate the formation of composite states of the
goldstino in theories with non-linearly realized supersymmetry and
show that the pure Volkov-Akulov model has an instability towards
goldstino condensation. We discuss the limitations and implications of
our findings for string models involving anti-brane uplifts. This talk
is based on https://arxiv.org/abs/2203.12636.

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