Teaching assessment and evaluation

Starting 2002, the Department of Physics initiated the development of a valuation system for the educational work. In 2006, the management of the effort was set on a new basis establishing the basic principles of the valuation process:

Αριθμός Ερωτηματολογίων ανά ακαδημαϊκό έτος

Number of questionnaires per academic year

  • A specialized questionnaire was designed. The questionnaire that is currently used by the Department of Physics as an analytic tool for the valuation of the educational work has been designed upon international standards as well as upon the accumulated experience of the Department through the earlier valuations.  The questionnaire enlists questions that aim at the valuation of  the  "teaching quality", the "content and structure of the courses" and the gathering of additional information with respect to the students participation. The questionnaire includes closed type questions allowing for the quantification of the results as well as open type questions giving the opportunity to the student to express the encountered problems and his ideas for the improvement of the course. Special care has been taken for the questionnaire to be short and comprehensive, thus resulting in an average fill in time of  roughly five minutes. Since the Academic year of 2008-09 the questionnaire had been updated towards an automated processing via an electronic reading system, allowing for a prompt processing and utilization of the findings. The questionnaire was later used as the basis for the design of the questionnaires of the University.
  • The Department appointed the Committee of the evaluation of the teaching work to be responsible for the process of the evaluation of the teaching work.
  • The questionnaires are distributed by the members of the Committee in the classroom during the last fifteen minutes of the teaching hour. They are filled in by the students, collected, admeasured in the classroom and placed in an envelope that is sealed and delivered to the Chairman of the Committee. The Chairman delivers the sealed envelope for processing to the  Quality Assurance Unit.
  • The Quality Assurance Unit returns the findings of the valuation to the Chairman of the Committee who then informs each Faculty staff individually.

Αριθμός Ερωτηματολογίων ανά ακαδημαϊκό έτος

Number of courses validated per academic year

Part of the quantitative findings of the valuation process, such as the total number of questionnaires filled in by the students, and the total number of courses that had been validated are illustrated in the diagrams of this page.