Postgraduate Studies in Physics


The postgraduate programme in Physics has been in existence since 1993 and was reorganised in 2014 and aims at the award of a Master degree in Physics (Postgraduate Diploma in Physics).

            Graduate students from Departments of Physics, other Departments of Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science), Polytechnic Universities in Greece as well as holders of equivalent degrees from foreign countries are admissible to the postgraduate programme, as are graduate students of relevant departments of Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) from Greece.

            Candidates will be required to sit through written exams in courses selected by the Steering Committee of Postgraduate Studies. It is in the discretion of the Steering Committee to announce accordingly the courses that candidates from other Departments and Schools will have to sit exams for. Successful candidates will also be required to take examination in a foreign language. Candidates may be admitted without exams after the Committee’s recommendation in the following cases:

·candidates who have already been admitted, after exams, as fellows in Greek Research Institutes.

·holders of a postgraduate degree from a Greek University or an equivalent degree from foreign countries.

·natives or alien candidates who during their application are permanent residents of a foreign country.

The award of a Master degree necessitates the class attendance, the success in the exams of the programme courses and the writing of a dissertation which is defended in public and further assessed.

            All the research expenses of the postgraduate students are covered by the Department of Physics. Postgraduate students may be partially financially supported by scholarships from the Department of Physics or other Institutes or research programs.


Courses and Lecturers


1st Semester

M111 Quantum Mechanics, Tamvakis K., Dedes A

M112 Classical Electrodynamics, Kolasis Ch. 

M113 Mathematical Methods in Physics, Leontaris G.      


2nd Semester

Three of the following elective courses:

M121 Solid State Physics, Evangelakis G.

M122 Computational Mathematical Methods in Physics, Rizos I.

M123 High Energy Physics, Foudas C.

M124 Astrophysics, Nindos A.

M125 Statistical Physics, Evangelou S.

M126 Nuclear Physics, Aslanoglou X., Patronis N.

M127 Quantum Field Theory, Tamvakis K.

M128 Gravity and Cosmology, Kanti P.

M129 Atomic and Molecular Physics, Kosmidis C., Cohen S.

M141 Plasma Physics, Throumoulopoulos G.

M142 Materials Science, Floudas G.

M143 Magnetism, Tselepi M.


All courses run for 5 hours.

Each course corresponds to 10 ECTS credits.


M130 Master Thesis dissertation

The Master Thesis dissertation (30 ECTS credits) starts after the successful attendance of the courses of the programme.