Postgraduate Studies in Atmospheric Sciences and the Environment


A Postgraduate Studies Programme (PSP) leading to a M.Sc. degree in Atmospheric Sciences and the Environment is effective since 1994.

To be admitted to the programme interested students should succeed in foreign language and Introductory Physics exams. Greek or foreign University or Technological Educational Institutes degree holders could participate in the admission exam. In the calculation of the admittance grade the following are taken into account: grade in the Introductory Physics exam (50%), diploma degree (20%), grades in undergraduate courses relevant to the PSP (15%) and the oral interview of the candidates(15%).

Resources permitting, postgraduate students may be funded depending on academic and social criteria.

Courses and Lecturers

(the ECTS units for each course are given in parenthesis)


First Semester

M211 Meteorology (7), Lolis C.

M212 Climatology (7), Hatzianastassiou N.

M213 Physics of the Atmospheric Environment (8), Kassomenos P.


Two from the following elective courses:

M214 Oceanography (4), Bartzokas, A.

M215 Micrometeorology (4), Bakas N.

M216 Man and the Environment (4), Kassomenos P.

M217 Environmental Chemistry (4), Kassomenos P.


Second Semester

M221 Physics of the Atmosphere (9), Hatzianastassiou, N.

M222 Dynamic Meteorology (9), Bartzokas A.


Three from the following elective courses:

M223 Applied Statistics (4), Bartzokas A.

M224 Methods of Remote Sensing (4), Kolios St.

M225 Synoptic Meteorology (4), Lolis C.

M226 Renewable Sources of Energy (4), Kavvadias K.

M227 Environmental Impact Studies (4), Kassomenos  P.


The core courses have 4 hours duration and the elective courses have 3 hours duration.


Third Semester

M230: M.Sc. Thesis Dissertation (30)

Practical work at the meteorological station of the Ioannina airport, the National Weather Service, and the General Directorate of Air Pollution and Noise Control.