Postgraduate Studies in Applied Telecommunications

(in accordance with Law 3685/2008 this Programme will finish on 31-12-12014)


The Postgraduate Programme in Telecommunication Applications (TILEF) is operating since 2004 in collaboration with the Technological & Educational Institute (TEI) of Epirus, and leads to a M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree to holders of B.Sc. degrees in Physics, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Electronic, Electrical or Computer Engineering and other relevant specialties, who are graduates from Greek Higher Education Institutes (AEI) or  Technological & Educational Institutes (TEI) or holders of a recognised equivalent diploma from a foreign country. Its goal is to provide education and training for the aforementioned degree holders so that they could contribute to the promotion of research and development processes, as well as to the support of production in modern technological state-of-the-art areas in the field of Telecommunications and Electronics.

The selection of candidates is based on English language examination (the knowledge of any other European language is also taken into account), curriculum vitae evaluation as well as on an interview. The candidates, depending on their undergraduate studies, may be asked to take oral or written examinations and to successfully attend specific undergraduate courses of the Physics Department of the University of Ioannina. To obtain a degree, students are required to succeed in courses, carry out a research project and write a M.Sc. or Ph.D. dissertation which is presented in public and evaluated.

Postgraduate students may receive financial support on the basis of academic and social criteria provided that they fulfil the requirements of the Programme.


Courses and Lecturers

(the ECTS units for each course are given in brackets)


First Semester: Digital Electronics (3), Theory of Noise (2), Architecture of Microprocessors (2), Assembly Language (Motorola and ATMEL) (2), Analog Telecommunications (2), Computer Networks (2), Frequency Filters (2), Microprocessors Laboratories (2), Signals and Systems (2), Digital Electronics Laboratories and Applications (2), Digital Telecommunications and Laboratories (2).


Second Semester: Analog Electronics (3), Optical Communications (2), Designing of Digital Circuits with CPLD (2), Cellular Communications (2), Laboratories of Analog Electronics and Applications (2), CPLD Laboratories (2), Signal Processing  (Theory) (2), Signal Transmission Lines (2), Designing of High-frequency circuits (RF) (2), Digital Signal Processing Laboratory (2).