Section of Theoretical Physics

Academic Staff

PERIVOLAROPOULOS LEANDROS, Professor, Theoretical Physics, Cosmology

RIZOS IOANNIS,  Professor, Theoretical High Energy Physics

KANTI PANAGIOTA, Professor, Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics, Cosmology

DEDES ATHANASIOS, Professor, Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics, Director of the Section

FLORAKIS IOANNIS, Assistant Professor, Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics even Cosmology

Laboratory  & Teaching Staff



Technical & Administrative Staff 

FOUZA FOFO, Secretary

A΄ Laboratory of Theoretical Physics
B΄ Laboratory of Theoretical Physics


Research Activities

The research activities of the members of the Theoretical Physics Section cover a broad range of topics. The Theoretical Physics of Elementary Particles constitutes the main scientific interest of a large number of members of the section. More specifically, the modern Gauge Theories, Supersymmetry, Superstring Theories and the Unification of Fundamental Interactions between the elementary particles are among the topics studied. The phenomenological investigation of models that follow from these theories leads to predictions that may be compared to experimental data. The cosmological consequences of the particle physics models, as well as the Cosmology itself, also constitute an important research topic of the section (Black Holes, Inflationary Universe etc.)

The research topics of the section also include the Theoretical Physics of Condensed Matter. The developing activity in this area refers to the electronic structure of atoms, molecules and solids, the study of crystal and amorphous materials, topics in localization theory in non-periodic systems, and topics in magnetism and non-linear dynamics.

Members of the Section conduct research also on Theoretical Nuclear Physics. More specifically, the topics studied include the semi-leptonic reactions with nucleons, conventional or exotic, such as neutrino-nucleus, nuclei with cold dark matter particles, double and simple ββ-decay etc.