The institution of the Physics Seminars is one of the oldest in our Department. The institution is realised by inviting researchers from Research Centres and Universities both in Greece and abroad who present a lecture on a topic of their choice. The topic of the lecture is usually chosen from the recent research activities of the invited scientist and is mainly addressed to the Research and Teaching Members of Staff of the Department. Nevertheless, there are always students in the audience.

The Seminars aim at the members of the Department being informed about and supplied with new ideas. They are necessary for preserving the research robustness of the Department. It is worth noting that the Latin word seminarium, from which the word seminar comes, originally meant “seed-bed”. Indeed, the seminar must operate as a seed-bed of ideas. For the institution of the Seminars to successfully operate it is necessary that the corresponding funding must exist, even more so for the University of Ioannina that is located at a place of geographical isolation. The success however of the seminars of the Department is not only a matter of funding but it also demands correct planning and vigilance for attracting speakers.

The Physics seminars are not addressed only to the Research and Teaching Members of Staff but also to the interested students. It is worth noting that successful seminars are considered those that attract numerous students to the audience. This of course depends strongly on the topic of the lecture. For the aforementioned reasons, the Department has made an effort to establish talks that aim at reaching a broader audience, especially students. In parallel, every effort has been made so that, even in more specialised talks, a “general” introduction always exists. Here, also, both the planning and the funding play an extremely important role. The number of such general talks cannot be large and care must be taken so that they are given by particularly experienced researchers and teachers preferably from other universities in Greece and abroad.

There are also topics in Physics which although may not be part of the official research activity of the members of our Department, are of interest to many, both members of the staff and students. These topics may be the subject of Lectures mainly by Research and Teaching Members of the Staff but also by external speakers, too.