Address of the Head of the Department of Physics

I would like to welcome you to the website of the Department of Physics of the University of Ioannina.

This website aims to supply detailed information about the undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the Department of Physics. It describes the organization and administration of the Department and the ensemble of its educational and research activities. It also supplies information about Physics and its popularization. This website is mainly addressed to the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department, but also to whoever is interested to carry out his/her studies in the Department, both in undergraduate and postgraduate level, and finally to wider audiences interested into getting information about the Department.

The Department of Physics was founded in 1970, concurrently with the establishment of the School of Physics-Mathematics and the commencement of the operations of the University of Ioannina as a higher education Institution. The Department's personnel consists of 48 teaching and research  faculty members and 10 members of administrative/technical personnel. The Department hosts around 1600 undergraduate students, 100 graduate students and 30 PhD students.

The main goals of the Department are in the one hand to supply high-quality theoretical and practical education in Physics and other related fields  to  its students and on the other hand to conduct top-level scientific research.

Undergraduate studies have a four-year duration. The undergraduate studies programme contains 30 core courses covering the basic knowledge of the field as well as 50 optional courses which cover a wide spectrum of specialized topics. For the award of a degree, the student should select 29 from the core courses and a certain number (around 12) of compulsory courses in order to accumulate the required number of European Credit Transfer System - ECTS credits (240 ECTS). Optional courses include a diploma thesis which seeks to expose students to modern research. In addition, the students of the Department are able to participate in internships.

The Department also offers postgraduate studies in a wide range of topics in the frame of 5 Postgraduate Studies Programmes which lead to  Msc or PhD degrees.

The Department places strong emphasis on the use of new technologies in teaching and for this reason it supplies educational materials, for a high percentage of its courses, in electronic format using the e-learning system of the University of Ioannina. The academic year 2013-14 signals the start of the pilot availability   over the Internet of videos from Department's lectures. All office and lecture room space of the Department has wireless internet available, which allows students and faculty members to connect to the Internet via their personal computers or other media supporting wireless communications.

Since 2002 the Department has established an internal evaluation procedure of its teaching activities, which is carried out by a dedicated committee of Department's  faculty members.  This committee collects and processes anonymous questionnaires which are filled in by the students during  lectures, as well as statistics regarding student performance per course, as resulting from the student records. Moreover the Department has  established the institution of the academic advisor who  guides students throughout their studies. The evaluation of the Department's research activities was established in 1997. During 1998 the first evaluation of the Department from external reviewers took place. Since the academic term 2004-2005 the internal evaluation of the teaching and research activities takes place on a yearly base and it is published in the Department's website. During 2010 the ensemble of the Department's activities was evaluated by an international committee which was established by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency.

Special efforts are also taken for the popularization and the diffusion of the Science of Physics to the general public. For this reason, the Department organizes open seminars, participates in training programmes of secondary education teachers, and has also created a Physics experiments demonstration Lab which is visited by students from local schools.

Taking  this opportunity, I would like to address to the freshmen of our Department whom I would like to congratulate for being admitted  and to make them sure that the ensemble of the Department's personnel will make all required efforts for the successful completion of their studies.

The website of the Department, is updated and enriched on a daily basis so that to supply the most recent information about the ensemble of the Department's activities. We are considering with pleasure the remarks as well as the proposals and comments of students, their parents and of every visitor of our website in general, which may be sent to


Ioannis Rizos


Head of the Department of Physics