Since 1994 a Postgraduate Programme, by examination and dissertation, is functioning leading to M.Sc. degree in Atmospheric Sciences and the Environment.
Students may continue their studies for a Ph.D. degree.

Requirements for entry to the M.Sc. Programme
In order to enter the M.Sc. Programme, candidates must take exams in: English Language and General Physics.

The M.Sc. Programme consists of the following courses
(in brackets, the ECTS credits of each course)

Meteorology (7)
Climatology (7)
Physics of the Atmospheric Environment (8)
Two of the following optional courses

Optional courses of the first semester
Oceanography (4)
Micrometeorology (4)
Man and his Environment (4)
Environmental Chemistry (4)

Atmospheric Physics (9)
Dynamical Meteorology (9)
Three of the following optional courses

Optional courses of the second semester
Applied Statistics (4)
Remote Sensing (4)
Synoptic Meteorology (4)
Renewable Energy Sources (4)
Environmental Impact Studies (4)

M.Sc. Dissertation (30)

Work Placement is possible at the Meteorological Station of Ioannina Airport, at the Hellenic National Meteorological Service, at the Directorate of Air Pollution and Noise Control, at the Center for Renewable Energy Sources & Saving and at the Centre for Meteorological Applications at the "Macedonia" Airport of Thessaloniki.


Napoleon-Georgios Ioannou (1997): Air and ground temperatures in the meteorological station of the Univerity of Ioannina (supervisor: E. Tzimas)

Marina Markou (1998): Bioclimatological study of the main touristic regions in Greece (supervisor: B. Katsoulis)

Christos Lolis (1998): Winter temperature covariances in the middle and the lower troposphere over Europe and the North Atlantic Ocean (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Angeliki Fotiadi (1999): A study of atmospheric turbidity in Athens during the period 1975-1995 (supervisor: B. Katsoulis)

Ourania Sindosi (2000): A contribution to the study of the relation between the meteorological parameters and the pollutant concentrations in Athens (supervisor: B. Katsoulis)

Elias Houssos (2001): Variations of the harmonic analysis parameters of the intra-annual atmospheric pressure march in the northern hemisphere during the period: 1901-2000 (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Anastasia Paschalidou (2003): Comparison of air pollutant concentrations between weekdays and weekends in Athens, Greece for various meteorological conditions (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Sofia Nikolaidi (2004): An agrometeorological study of frosts in the fields of Arta region (supervisor: J. Pnevmatikos)

Costas Pappas (2004): Analysis and forecast of cold and warm spell events in the Greek region by using a stochastic deterministic model (supervisors: B. Katsoulis - N. Hatzianastassiou)

Christos Papadimas (2004): Atmospheric pressure - air temperature relationships over the northern hemisphere during winter and summer months Investigation of a possibility of forecast (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

George Habilomatis (2005): The influence of clouds on solar radiation in global scale (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Athina Kontogianni (2006): The regime of evaporation in the area of Ioannina (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Ioannis Koletsis (2006): Study of wind energy potential in areas of Ioannina Prefecture, Greece (supervisor: J. Pnevmatikos)

Costas Mironakis (2006): Aerosol global distribution from satellite and ground measurements with emphasis on aerosol events in the Mediterranean basin (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Areti Vlachogianni (2006): Estimation of maximum concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) as a function of meteorological and air quality parameters in the great area of Athens, Greece (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Antonis Gkikas (2007): Aerosol optical properties over the broader Mediterranean basin (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Vasilios Antakis (2007): Spatio-temporal distribution and variability of aerosol optical properties on global scale based on satellite data (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Chryssoula Athanassopoulou (2008): Extreme temperature changes in the area of Ioannina during the period 1970-2005 (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Maria Tsirogianni (2008): Air temperature covariability in the mean and lower troposphere in the northern hemisphere (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Sotiris Manopoulos (2009): Analysis of air pollutant dispersion in a street canyon in Ioannina city (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Kostas Dimitriou (2009): Estimation of aggregate indices characterizing the air quality in Attica region. The impact of air pollutants to human health (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Grigoria Tsiriga (2010): Estimation of solar radiation in the Greek area (supervisors: J. Pnevmatikos - P. Kassomenos)

Dimitrios Chaskos (2011): The aeolian map of Epirus (supervisors: J. Pnevmatikos - A. Bartzokas)

Ioanna Mavromati (2012): Qualitative analysis of the atmosphere over Ioannina (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Mario-Bruno Korras-Carraca (2012): Aerosol asymmetry parameter and single scattering albedo over Europe, North Africa and the Arabian peninsula, using MODIS satellite data and AERONET surface measurements (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Efthymios Serbis (2012): Atmospheric static stability in the Mediterranean region; variability and connection to atmospheric circulation and convective precipitation (supervisor: C. Lolis)

Vasilios Minias (2012): Aerosol optical properties over the greater region of Epirus based on MODIS satellite data (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Ioannis Manthos (2012): Objective classification of weather types for the Ioannina region (supervisor: C. Lolis)

Haralampos Karandeinos (2013): Modeling of micro scale meteorological events in Crete and Macedonia regions. Modeling of air pollution events in the Attica region (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

George Athanasiou (2013): Aerosol optical properties over the broader Greek region (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Georgios Baliouskas (2013): Estimation of maximum daily rain amounts, per year, over the Greek region (supervisors: J. Pnevmatikos - N. Hatzianastassiou)

Maria Pyrina (2013): The effect of clouds on longwave radiation of the globe for the period 1984-2007 (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Giorgos Sarantopoulos (2013): Study of noise levels in primary schools at Ioannina (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Simos Varrias (2013): Atmospheric circulation characteristics favouring precipitation in Cyclades Islands, southern Aegean (supervisor: C. Lolis)

Amalia Lytra (2013): A study on the diurnal variation of illuminance in Bratislava, Slovakia (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Olga Pezoula (2014): A study of convergence and divergence of the wind field over Europe and the Mediterranean (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Maria Louka (2014): Traffic noise levels in the center of Ioannina city (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Evangelia Mantzara (2014): A study on summer human thermal discomfort in the areas of Athens and Ioannina using the biometeorological index UTCI (supervisor: C. Lolis)

Christina Salma (2014): A climatic study on the diurnal variation of precipitation in the area of Ioannina (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Elias Petrou (2015): Air mass trajectories in the atmosphere in five regions of England during summer. Their influence to mortality (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Christina Kagara (2015): Changes of cloud properties due to modifications of aerosol properties and their direct effect on solar radiation (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Kleoniki Patsiarika (2015): "Merominia". Investigation of their scientific basis (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Fotis Kyriopoulos (2016): The problem of air quality and pollutant distribution in indoor areas with the use of ANSYS-FLUENT model (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Panagiota Spyropoulou (2016): Characteristics of atmospheric circulation favoring extreme minimum daily air temperature values over the broader Mediterranean area (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Christos Gatidis (2016): A study of the atmospheric conditions, which favour lightning activity in the Greek area (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Thalia Laosoglou (2016): Computation of total and ultraviolet solar irradiance at Ioannina using a spectral radiative transfer model. Model evaluation and study of parameters determining the local surface solar radiation (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Stavros Dafis (2016): Numerical simulation and study of a meso-scale thunderstorm in France with the use of WRF meteorological model (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Maria Papaioannou (2016): Evaluation of the forecast of UltraViolet Index in four Greek cities based on satellite measurements (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Symeon Kechaidis (2016): A study of sea-surface - lower troposphere interaction in the Mediterranean on daily basis (supervisor: C. Lolis)

Sotiris Pateras (2017): Generalized stability theory of baroclinic ageostrophic flow (supervisor: N. Bakas)

Nikoleta Kalaitzi (2017): Development of an algorithm for characterization of biomass burning aerosols based on satellite data (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Konstantinos Georgopoulos (2017): Study of soil temperature at the region of Ioannina: Temporal variability, relation with other meteorological parameters, synoptic conditions favoring the occurrence of extreme values (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Fotini Dourou (2017): Atmospheric Circulation - Sea Surface interaction in the Mediterranean on a monthly basis, 1958-2007 (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Eleftherios Ioannidis (2017): Investigation of global dimming and brightening during the first decade of 21th century (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

George Kotsias (2018): On the influence of the large-scale atmospheric circulation characteristics on Mediterranean precipitation for the period 1979-2017 (supervisor: C. Lolis)

Georgios Papaspyropoulos (2018): Environment to Circulation: Impact of air masses origin in England, during winter (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Vasileios Tzallas (2019): The CLARA-A2 global cloud cover data set, its evaluation and use for the computation of the Earth's shortwave radiation budget and shortwave cloud radiative effects (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Nicos Toumasis (2019): Airports biometeorology (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

George Kontogiannis (2019): Investigation of the Reynolds stresses which lead to the emergence of zonal jets in barotropic turbulence using the geometric approach (supervisor: N. Bakas)

Alkis Efthymiou (2019): A study on the atmospheric conditions favouring extreme precipitation amounts in the Greek area on 12-hourly basis with the use of ERA-Interim data (supervisor: C. Lolis)

Paraskevi Begou (2019): Physical parameters affecting the degradation of the atmospheric and acoustic environment in Thessaloniki (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Maria Gavrouzou (2019): Identification of dust aerosols and determination of their properties on a global scale by using MODIS and OMI satellite data (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)


Christos Lolis (2002): Contribution to the study of lower troposphere - sea surface interaction over the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Marina Markou (2006): A study on daylight conditions in European areas with different climate (supervisor: B. Katsoulis)

Anastasia Paschalidou (2007): Dispersion modelling of air pollutants in the lower troposphere, based on the physico-geographical and meteorological characteristics and the air pollution in the Athens Basin (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Áristotle Papadopoulos (2007): A study of the influence of the weather on the forest fires (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Dimitris Kaskaoutis (2008): A study on the optical properties and on the type of aerosols over various land uses, by using satellite and AERONET data (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Elias Houssos (2009): Contribution to the timely and accurate forecast of extreme weather events in the Greek area with the use of multivariate statistical methods (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Christos Papadimas (2009): Direct effect of aerosols on solar radiation budget over the Mediterranean basin (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Ioannis Koletsis (2010): A study of gusty winds in areas of Greece with complex mountainous relief (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Antonis Gkikas (2012): Aerosol episodes over the greater Mediterranean basin using contemporary satellite data (supervisor: N. Hatzianastassiou)

Kostas Dimitriou (2013): PM10 and PM2.5 Particulates in Europe: Local Sources - Atmospheric transport - Incidencies in Air Quality. (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Giorgos Efstathiou (2013): Study of the parameterizations of atmospheric boundary layer and microphysics on the simulation of heavy rain. (supervisor: P. Kassomenos)

Ourania Sindosi (2013): Simulation of specific weather conditions in the area of Epirus by using a numerical weather prediction model. (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

Kosmas Kavadias (2016): Contemporary Solar Energy Map of Greece with application in Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources. (supervisor: A. Bartzokas)

PhD Students

Name Supervisor E-mail Office Tel.
Evangelia Ladia P. Kassomenos eladia@cc.uoi.gr
Vassilios Pappas N. Hatzianastassiou vpappas@cc.uoi.gr
Elias Petrou P. Kassomenos ipetrou@cc.uoi.gr
Dimitrios Chaskos C. Lolis dchaskos@grads.uoi.gr
George Kotsias C. Lolis gkotsias@cc.uoi.gr